How The Gorbik Method Can Help You


Our goal is to help you become a confident choir director and church musician. So that you feel empowered to create beautiful sacred music that’s good enough for a divine service. 

Because God deserves our best. 

If you want to serve God and His Church to the best of your ability, the Gorbik Method will help you with courses in:


  • Singing
  • Conducting
  • Your mission as an Orthodox choir director 
  • Relationships on the kliros
  • Difficult conversations with singers
  • Obedience as key to fulfilling your God-given mission as a church musician

    ... and so much more!


    You also get access to monthly calls with Vladimir Gorbik and other members of our team to discuss anything and everything pertaining to choir directing.

    This means you get support and a community of like-minded choir directors to help you through any difficulty in your musical journey.