When you think you know... but you don't

false knowledge mistaken identity Jun 08, 2021

by Alena Plavsic


Some time ago I seriously embarrassed myself at a friend's wedding. All because I thought I had all the information I needed.


Here's what happened.


It was a beautiful spring day, the tiny Orthodox mission church was full of flowers, and everyone was excitedly waiting for the young couple.


And then I saw a Facebook friend I've only met once before - several states away and several years ago.


I was surprised but very happy to see her again. And I couldn't wait to talk to her. One of the reasons being the way she conducted the choir during that Saturday night. She had beautiful hand movements and I wanted to tell her how much I admired her conducting.


Throughout the wedding service I tried catching her eye, but she was always looking at the couple, wiping her eyes sometimes...


I was busy with my kids, so I couldn't get to her for another few hours - even though we were in the same church, and then in the same hall all day.


It was obvious that she was related to the young couple as she was in all the pictures. But I couldn't figure out how.


Little did I know... But I'm getting ahead of myself.


Finally, at the end of the day, I managed to approach her.

"Christina," I said happily: "It's so good to see you again!"

She gave me a blank look and I knew she had no clue who I was.

"I should probably update my Facebook picture," I thought. After all - most of our interaction happened on Facebook. Maybe I changed since the last time I put up a new photo.


I complimented Christina on her choir-directing skills, reminded her how we'd met all those years ago.  


She still had no idea who I was.


"Weird," - I thought to myself. "We really hit it off when we met. And then we chat on Facebook often enough..."


So - awkwardly - I said goodbye and then we went our separate ways.


If I'd only known...  But, later on that.


The next day we were discussing the wedding with my husband.

We talked about the tiny church, the amazing choir that sounded like it sang together for over 10 years, the scrumptious wedding cake...


"What did you and Stella talk about?" he asked me.

"Who's Stella?" I said blankly.

"The mother of the bride," he said, surprised. "You were talking to her for a long time."


And that's when I realized that not only did I call the mother of the bride by the wrong name... I'd never ever met her before! AND I was bothering her at precisely the wrong moment of the day, when she wanted to concentrate on her daughter's wedding!



But why am I telling you this?

Because sometimes, you think you know, but you don't.


I was SO sure Stella was actually Christina (I changed the names). And I was TOTALLY wrong. Yes, they look somewhat similar, but still.


And sometimes, you think you already rock at conducting/giving the pitch/singing. But then someone who really knows shows up, and you realize how wrong you actually were.


That's happened to me SO many times! I'm sure it's happened to you, too.


So if you think you already know all there is to know about conducting, get a consultation with Vladimir Gorbik.  He'll help you avoid really embarrassing mistakes.


And a whole new world will open up to you. Because a true professional will be able to point you in the right direction. Even if you've got everything going great, there might be a tweak that you could use to make everything even better.


That's what happened to me when I learned inside the Gorbik Method how to give the pitch.


I have to say (false modesty aside) that I was already good. But when I saw how Vladimir teaches it, I was blown away.


But I'll tell you more next time!




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