"Petrified numbness" and what it has to do with you

petrified numbness Jun 09, 2021

by Vladimir Gorbik


Today I'm going to tell you how easy it is to become totally absurd. And that happens when you don't work on your singing, and when you do not work on your humility.


A long time ago I was working with one particular choir. We sounded good but, of course, we always had to work on ourselves.


One time I had to reprimand one of my singers. You see, even though he sang cleanly, i.e., he hit all the right notes, it was nearly impossible to understand the words he was singing.


- Misha, - I said, - You have to work on pronouncing your words clearly.

- Oh really? - he said. - In that case, you'll have to pay me double.


This was a clear case of what we call in Slavonic - "окамененное нечувствие". In English it is called "petrified numbness."


This is a condition when you are incapable of seeing your own sins or shortcomings. You can't hear that you're singing flat or sharp... Your heart is a long way away from prayer.


You'll recognize this in your choir members when they get defensive whenever you comment on their singing. There is nothing you will be able to teach them when they are in such a condition.


That is why you have to be very careful and flee from this spiritual sickness.  Because otherwise, you will not learn anything. You will stagnate and then - regress.


When you meet people like that - even if they are among your choir singers - don't despair. 


Pray and know that God will aid the one who seeks His help in all. Especially if you ask Him to help you in beautifying His divine services.


Pray and practice!

With love,




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