How to master left-hand directing - even when you're short on time

Dec 09, 2021

I'll be honest with you...


The hardest thing I find about conducting is using my left hand...


Because if you follow Vladimir Gorbik, you know that he is categorically opposed to moving both hands in the same way.


Why? That's a matter for a separate post.


Suffice it to say - your left and right hand convey two very different things to your choir.


Because as Volodya always says, your right hand represents time (it shows the beat). But your left hand is to show eternity. It's used for phrasing and conveying emotion.


I'm sure that like me, you want to help your choir sound its best! And you know you can't do it without the help of your left hand.


But learning it sounds hard and time consuming...


Or so it seems.


So what do you do? Fear not! Gorbik's got your back left hand!


The latest tip from Volodya is to...


Start small...


Don't expect to direct a whole Cherubic Hymn with your left hand if you're just starting out.


You could pick smaller pieces to begin with phrasing.


But the best pro tip is to:


Use your left hand... as you're talking!!!


Show the beginning, culmination and ending of each phrase you say out loud. It's ridiculously easy and so effective!


Don't wait to start directing when you're singing. Develop your skill as you're talking on the phone (nobody will see you!).


If you want to see what this looks like, take a look in the video here.


Volodya shows an incredibly easy way you can practice your left hand movements - any time you speak!


 Now click the link to see this short video on how best to do it.

It really helped me get a lot better - in a few days time!





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